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La source des femmes

oh yeah i was gonna screencap this too! good lookin


Avengers Deleted scenes: Alternative Beginning

aloud vs out loud?


Aloud” is the more formal version of “out loud.” Feel free to use it in your essays for school.

As far as “out loud” is concerned, it is a perfectly legitimate word that can be used on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and in other informal settings.

Don’t worry: not many teachers—if any—will think less of you for choosing to use “out loud” instead of “aloud.”

Having said that, since “out loud” is so mainstream, show your hipster diction by employing “aloud” in your writing.



That’s all there is to it.



Let me tell you what we want, we movie lovers, parents, and pop culture fans who are sick and tired of endless messages that put Baby in the corner and tell boys that’s exactly where girls should be.

So how’s this for a start: We really don’t need more strong girls.

We do have that covered. Keep those assertive, gritty girls in the film and then do this:

Add more girls.

Lots more girls.

Got some throwaway moron who offers one line and goes away? Make her a girl.

Got some stuttering sidekick? Make her a girl.

Comic relief animal: Girl.

Bank teller: Girl.

Sports hero: Girl.

Protagonist: Girl.

Doctor: Girl.

Fart noise maker: Girl.

Knight: Girl.

Engineer: Girl.

Evil genius: Boom. Make that character a girl.

We Don’t Need More Strong Girls in Movies | Mike Adamick

"Look, I’ll level with you. Nothing I’m saying here is particularly new or insightful. Many ground-breakers have been making this argument for years, from the wonderful Reel Girl to the Geena Davis Institute to Pig Tail Pals to Princess Free Zone and many, many more writers and thinkers I admire.

But I’m tired of sitting on the sidelines. I’m tired of silently nodding my head in agreement to their great arguments for gender equality in movies and pop culture, and I’m really, really tired of seeing the reactions they get from mouth-breathing hordes of sexist gas bags, when really all they want to do is empower our girls and tell our boys that girls have worth, that they’re not just objects to be won, or killed if they reject you.

Yes, seriously, that’s the end game.

That’s why arguments like this are important.”

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Willa Holland signing autographs at SanDiego ComicCon 2014


Willa Holland signing autographs at SanDiego ComicCon 2014


'I used to dress a lot in black and now I've let color into my life, its very metaphorical'